The Best non-tracking Cat Litter – A Comprehensive Buying Guide

Are you tired of cleaning cat litter up after your cat uses the litter box? The best cat litters are those that form hard clumps and that do not stick to the cat’s feet as it leaves the litter box. Below are some high quality litter brands that will not track.

The whole idea of getting cat litter is so that you do not have to clean after your cat’s messes, and so when you have to deal with litter that tracks, it beats the purpose to some extent. Nothing quite irks me like seeing grey paw tracks all over the floor and carpets. So, I had to find good quality cat litter that does not track, and that does not bear a strong pungent smell. Having tried a couple brands out there, I decided to write down a detailed buying guide for cat owners that share similar troubles.

The Best non-tracking Cat Litter Comparison Table

Cat Litter
Product Name
Special Feature
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Dr. Elsey’s Premium Clumping Cat Litter
40 Lbs.

ökocat Natural Wood Clumping Cat Litter
16.7 Lbs.
Super soft

World's Best Cat Litter - Clumping Litter Formula
28 Lbs.

ARM & Hammer Clump & Seal Platinum Cat Litter – Multi-Cat
40 Lbs.
Patented formula

Fresh Step Advanced Clumping Cat Litter
18.5 Lbs.
Contains activated charcoal

PURINA Yesterday's News Odor Control - Lightweight
30 Lbs.
Superior moisture absorption

The Best non-tracking Cat Litter – Products Review

Dr. Elsey’s Premium Clumping Cat LitterMost ideal for cat owners who prefer unscented litters

This scentless cat litter is excellent since it does not clump, and it is also ideal for cat owners who have several felines in their homes.

Key features

  • Does not have a scent
  • Comes in a 40 Lbs. pack
  • Made using a 99% dust-free formula
  • Has no plant proteins
  • Comes in an easy to carry box

I prefer to keep my home’s scent as natural and as sweet as possible, and this is why I avoid every day use products that have many scents, including cat litter. When I used the Dr. Elsey’s Premium Clumping Cat Litter, I was pleasantly impressed by its lack of scent. More impressively, though, it was able to eliminate the odor of cat poop, leaving no smell behind at all.

Most importantly, it is formulated in a manner that allows your cats to go into the litter box and leave without carrying any traces of cat litter with them. this is because the Dr. Elsey’s Premium Clumping Cat Litter is made using a 99% dust-free formula that makes sure you will see no paw tracks as a result of fine litter.

As an added advantage, this cat litter brand is hard clumping, a characteristic that goes a long way in ensuring that it does not stick onto the cat’s feet. If you have multiple felines in the house, it will be able to handle use by all of them without disintegrating or reducing on its odor cancellation abilities.

The makers of this cat litter made sure to use a formula that does not include protein rich plants, a characteristic that ensures that all allergic persons do not experience serious allergic reactions. All contents are also natural, and there are no traces of inorganic material.


  • It does not bear any scent
  • It is hard clumping
  • Does not contain plants that may cause an allergy
  • All natural
  • Dust free


  • It is a bit pricey


Made using mainly clay, the Dr. Elsey’s Premium Clumping Cat Litter comes as an all-natural product that will not cause any allergic reactions. It also impresses with its scentless nature, its ability to handle multiple cats and the fact that it hard clumps, reducing any mess you may have to clean.

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ökocat Natural Wood Clumping Cat LitterThis cat litter is super soft

Many non-tracking cat litters are quite hard, but this one has a nice softness that makes it ideal for kittens and cats that are transitioning from clay litter.


Key features

  • Made entirely of wood
  • Super soft
  • 99% dust free
  • Eliminates odor
  • Scentless

If you have kittens or cats that have delicate feet, the ökocat Natural Wood Clumping Cat Litter is your best bet. I loved how incredibly soft it is, and my cats did too. Unlike most other cat litters that are made using clay, this one is created using wood, making it an all natural product that is safe for your kitties and for the environment. You will find that it does not contain any synthetic material, artificial fragrances, dyes and GMO material.

Seeing as it is made from wood fiber, this product works by eliminating all odors, especially ammonia, by keeping all liquids from bonding with enzymes. This way, you can be certain that you will not have to deal with unwanted odors at any one given time since this litter takes care of it.

Another advantage of using wood fiber is the fact that you will not need to deal with any clay dust at all. Clay dust has a way of becoming quite fine, making it easy to spread and track. Wood fiber, on the other hand, does not form any dust since it does not disintegrate, eliminating the need for you to clean up after your cat after it is done using the litter box.


  • Quite soft and ideal for cats with soft feet
  • It is all natural
  • Does not have an artificial scent
  • Eliminates odors
  • Does not contain clay


  • A bit pricey
  • Can be a bit messy


Whenever we are buying products for our pets, sometimes we fail to put into consideration animals that are either too young or geriatric pets. This cat litter is made to be incredibly soft so that their feet do not experience discomfort whenever they use the litter box, and this makes it a great product.

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World’s Best Cat Litter – Clumping Litter FormulaComes as a flushable cat litter

This product is septic friendly since you will have no problems flushing it down the toilet in case you feel the need to.

Key features

  • Flushable – septic safe
  • Superior odor control
  • 99% dust free
  • Long lasting
  • Made using natural corn

Made to be a fast clumping cat litter, the World’s Best Cat Litter – Clumping Litter Formula makes certain that as soon as your cat uses the litter box, all its droppings are held secure in a way that keeps them from spreading all over and creating a ghastly mess. In addition, it is able to keep all odors away, keeping the environment fresh and free of the pungence of ammonia.

One of the characteristics of this cat litter that stands out is the fact that it can actually be flushed down the toilet, and you can be certain that it will not block your drainage or destroy your septic tank. This is largely because it is a lightweight product and remains as such even after getting mixed with water.

When using this cat litter, make sure that you do not mix it with non-clumping cat litter since this can drastically reduce its quality and ability to keep from tracking. With its quality intact, it is able to last at least twice as long as other types of litter, saving you a decent amount of money since you will not have to refill or replace it as soon as you would other brands.

The World’s Best Cat Litter – Clumping Litter Formula is also an excellent product for persons who have multiple cats, lasting at least 67 days with two cats, 45 days with three and at least 33 days with 4 average sized cats.

Finally, this cat litter is safe for you, your cat and for the environment, thanks to its all natural formula. It has no harmful chemicals since it is made using corn kernels which are completely natural.


  • It is an all natural product
  • Does not have an unnatural scent
  • Safe for the environment
  • Lasts twice as long as other cat litter brands
  • Great for multiple cats


  • It is pretty expensive, especially considering its price


The World’s Best Cat Litter – Clumping Litter Formula almost lives up to its name, checking all the right boxes as far as a great cat litter is concerned. It is non-tracking, all natural, ideal for multiple cats, lasts a long time and is safe for pets, humans and the environments, making it one of the most ideal cat litter brands in the market today.

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ARM & Hammer Clump & Seal Platinum Cat Litter – Multi-CatMade using a patented formula

For a household that has multiple cats, this non-tracking cat litter is one of the most effective.

Key features

  • Contains odor eliminators
  • 100% dust free formula
  • Forms hard clumps
  • For multiple cats

When it comes to cat litter that can be able to handle multiple cats, the ARM & Hammer Clump & Seal Platinum Cat Litter – Multi-Cat stands out as one of the very best. It is a well formulated cat litter whose formula is actually patented due to its ingenuousness.

With other at litter brands, you will notice that they deliver a 99% dust free formula, but this product actually outdoes them, delivering an impressive 100% dust free formula. This is a guarantee that you will have not dusty paw tracks to deal with after your cats are done using the litter box.

As an added advantage, it is made to be able to eliminate all sorts of odors, sealing away all sorts of smells upon contact, keeping you home smelling fresh at all times. the fact that it actually forms hard clumps makes it quite easy to scoop and discard, and this is one of the characteristics I liked most about it.

The safety of this product is also without compromise since it is made to be entirely safe to you, your pets and even the environments. Everything about it, including its recyclable cartons, is made with the environment in mind in a bid to promote environmental sustainability.

What I did not fancy about it is it scent, and I also noticed my cats were not too happy about it. However, some people and their cats do not seem to mind, so make certain to smell it before purchase so that you are not stuck with something you cannot handle. Also, it is not a flush-friendly product, and you should toss it in the bin as opposed to flushing it down the toilet.


  • Excellent for multiple cats
  • Has a 100% dust free formula
  • Fully natural and safe for environment
  • Destroys odors


  • The scent is a little too strong
  • Not flush-friendly


If you are a cat owner that has multiple felines, you are going to enjoy having this cat litter. I loved how incredibly well it eliminated all odors, but I was disappointed at the strong scent, especially since it was not as natural as I would have hoped.

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Fresh Step Advanced Clumping Cat LitterContains activated carbon

With this cat litter, you can be certain that picking after your cat will be quite easy since it forms some really hard clumps that are easy to collect.

Key features

  • Made using clay
  • Forms hard clumps
  • Contains activated charcoal
  • Unscented

What made me really like this cat litter was its ability to successfully eliminate all odors which made my home stay fresh at all times. I also really liked that it did not have a scent, adding to the freshness that I really like in my home.

Perhaps what stood out for me more was how well it clumped, making really hard clumps that seal all forms of moisture away. This is one of the ways in which it is able to keep bad odors away so effectively. In addition, these hard clumps are really easy to collect, and emptying my cat’s litter box became a quick exercise.

Seeing as it is made from clay, this cat litter is not particularly the best, but this characteristic also gives it the ability to effectively handle multiple cats. Its formula boasts a 99.9% dust free characteristic, making it really good for multiple cats that may cause heavy tracking all over the home.

Activated charcoal, which is one of its main contents, is also largely credited for odor elimination, and this is why the Fresh Step Advanced Clumping Cat Litter is one of the most effective non-tracking and odor eliminating cat litters in the market.


  • Eliminates odors efficiently
  • Excellent for multiple cats
  • It is a dust-free product
  • It forms hard clumps which are easy to pick


  • Made using clay


When it comes to superior odor elimination and ease of use, the Fresh Step Advanced Clumping Cat Litter sets itself apart as a highly reliable product. To keep up with competition, though, it would be great if it was made using wood or recycled paper as opposed to clay.

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PURINA Yesterday’s News Odor Control – LightweightBoasts superior moisture absorption

Purina products have always been my favorite for pets, and this particular one is one of the most effective non-tracking cat litters I have used.

Key features

  • Unscented
  • Forms hard clumps
  • 3X better odor absorption
  • Made using recycled paper
  • Eco-friendly

The PURINA Yesterday’s News Odor Control – Lightweight is one of my favorite cat litters, and is actually what I use for my three cats. What stands out for me is the fact that it is made using recycled paper which is great for the environment. More relevant to the cats, however, is how light and comfortable it is to step on, making it an ideal litter for kittens and senile cats alike.

More impressive, however, is its superior odor absorption ability which is at least three times better than that of competing brands, a characteristic that comes in handy where you have many cats using the same litter box at the same time. It also forms hard clumps which are easy to pick and discard.

Aside from recycled paper, this product also features natural components such as mineral oils and guar gum which are excellent for supporting effective clumping. In addition, this litter has a 99.9% dust free formula that keeps it from tracking easily.


  • Made using recycled paper
  • It is ideal for multiple cats
  • Does not track
  • Forms hard clumps


  • A bit expensive


Even though it is more expensive than other conventional litters, the PURINA Yesterday’s News Odor Control – Lightweight sets itself apart as an incredibly reliable and effective cat litter. It is great for multiple cats, kittens and geriatric cats and for cat owners who have an overly sensitive sense of smell.

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Buying non-tracking cat litter – What to look out for

Base material

Cat litter is often times made from clay, wood or recycled paper. Wood and recycled paper are two of the best materials, but they tend to be more expensive than regular clay cat litter. It would be great to go for wood or paper litter, unless your budget dictates otherwise.

Odor elimination

There are cat litters that are resistant to easy tracking, but they remain unable to effectively rid the air of bad odor. Before making a purchase, make sure that your preferred product can keep your home smelling fresh at all times.

Shape and size of granules

Smaller granules have a tendency to stick to cat feet, and for this reason, they are more likely to track. Choose a product with larger granules since the likelihood that they will stick to your cat’s feet is very low.

Final Verdict

Cats are naturally playful, and it does not come as a surprise when mine actually feel the need to play in the litter box. The right kind of litter makes sure that they do not leave the litter box with loads of litter all over their feet and fur. The above products stood out for me as very efficient and able to handle high cat traffic without tracking, and this is why they made it to my list. Grab one of them, or any other of your choice and live a track-free life.


Can I use the PURINA Yesterday’s News Odor Control – Lightweight for my bunny?

Yes, you can. It is really effective.

What is the Dr. Elsey’s Premium Clumping Cat Litter made of?

This litter is made using clay

Is the ökocat Natural Wood Clumping Cat Litter easy to scoop?

Yes, it is.

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