Purina Naturals cat food review

Without doubt, there are health risks involved when you feed your cat with cat food that is made of low-quality formulas. However, this is not something to worry about if you consider buying the Purina Naturals cat food.

There are various manufacturers that produce low quality cat food with the intention of saving on production costs. Therefore, you shouldn’t be easily attracted by the low- budget cat food formulas as most of them are low quality. However, there are companies such as Purina Company which guarantee you high quality cat food for your cat. This is because they produce cat food that contains formulas which will fully satisfy all your cat’s nutritional needs. In addition to this, their formula also helps with digestion which enables your cat to move and play comfortably even after he or she has just eaten.

What can you expect from the Purina Naturals cat food?

This cat food consists of ingredients that contain a high percentage of proteins and low fat which is good for your cat. This is because cats usually have a very high appetite because they are very active. Therefore, he or she will need a lot of protein to recover the energy used whenever he or she plays or moves from one point to another. Therefore, the Purina Naturals cat food is a good choice for your cat as it will sufficiently fuel the body of your cat regardless of the activities done in a day.

In addition to this, this cat food also comes with less moisture than most of the other cat foods. For sure, this is also very beneficial to your cat as it enables your cat to receive a high percentage of calories and proteins when he or she eats this food. Purina Naturals cat food guarantees you cat food that will fully satisfy all the nutritional needs of your cat on a daily basis. Another major benefit about this dry cat food is that it is very affordable and stays fresh longer than regular wet cat foods. However, you should ensure that you give you cat water frequently so that he or she can hydrate.

Key features of the Purina Naturals cat food

This cat food comes with a formula that consists of 4 main ingredients which make it a high- quality pet food for your cat.

Chicken meal

Well, the chicken meal in this Purina Naturals Cat food is basically chicken meat that has been removed 90% of its moisture. Several cat owners have claimed that chicken meat is much better than chicken meal however, this is not true. This is because when you remove most of the moisture in the chicken, it enables the protein source in the chicken to be more concentrated which enables your cat to digest the nutrients directly. This chicken meal contains up to 65% of protein and only 12% of fat which is impressive. Therefore, the chicken meal comes with a higher protein percentage than actual chicken meat, especially after it is cooked.

In addition to this, this chicken meal consists of meat and skin which contain an accurate and balanced calcium to phosphorus ratio which is ideal for proper digestion.

Corn gluten meal

This is another very important ingredient that comes with the Purina Naturals cat food. They basically remove the starch and germ of the corn, then separate bran and make the meal out of the residue of this process. Well, at first it may seem complicated to understand this process however, it really isn’t because it is similar to the process employed in making corn starch. The benefit about this meal is that it contains a concentrated percentage of corn protein which is beneficial to your cat. In addition to this, it is also used as a filler ingredient which makes your cat feel full every time he or she eats this cat food.

However, it is important to note that this corn gluten meal is an allergen to some cats as they may find it difficult to digest it. Therefore, you should ensure that your cat is not allergic to this ingredient before you buy the Purina Naturals cat food.

Soybean meal

Purina Natural cat food also contains soybean meal which is made from grinding soybeans. Once the soybeans have been grinded, they take the soybean oil extract and make the meal. Well, this meal is quite popular as it is not only used for cat food only, but also other pet foods such as dog food. For sure, soybean meal is a very important ingredient to have in cat food as it prevents hairballs which make cats very uncomfortable. In addition to this, the soybean oil extract in this meal is a great source of proteins which is essential for your cat. This is because it will enable your cat to grow in a healthy manner, especially if you feed him or her with this cat food from a young age.

Brewers rice

This meal consists of very tiny rice kernel fragments that have been separated from the larger milled rice kernels. Well, this ingredient is basically rice that comes without many of its nutrients however, it still provides carbohydrates to your cat. Therefore, it may not be the most sought-after ingredient by various pet food manufacturers, but it is still a very essential ingredient to have in your cat food. In addition to this, Brewers rice also acts as a filler ingredient in the Purina Natural cat food which helps your cat to fill up when he or she eats the cat food.


  • It consists of a high-quality formula.
  • It is very affordable.
  • It enables your cat to grow in a healthy manner.
  • Its ingredients provide hairball relief.


  • Some of its ingredients may be allergens to some cats.


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For sure, the Purina Naturals cat food is one of the best cat foods in the market today. This is because it is very affordable and consists of ingredients that satisfy all the nutritional needs of your cat.

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