Meow Mix wet food review

The Meow Mix brand is a well- known brand to most cat owners as they have been producing high- quality cat food for some time now. They are popular because they produce both dry and wet cat food that fully satisfy the nutritional needs of your cat.

You always have a choice of either dry or wet cat food whenever you head to the store to buy food for your cat. However, this usually depends on what has been recommended for your cat either by your local vet or by what your feline basically prefers to eat. To be fair, both these cat feed come with their own benefits as dry food is usually more affordable and lasts for a long time before it expires. The Meow Mix Wet cat food on the other hand, come with a high percentage of moisture which helps your cat to stay hydrated throughout the day.

What can you expect from the Meow Mix Wet food?

This is definitely one of the best- selling cat food for Meow Mix as it comes in a variety of flavors which include tuna, salmon, chicken turkey and even ocean fish. For sure, it is the ideal cat food for your cat if he or she loves any of those flavors. In addition to this, the Meow Mix wet food pack comes with cups that are mess- free and simple to open. These cups really come in handy as they allow you to easily serve your cat with food in good quantities.

Another great benefit about buying Meow Mix Wet food for your cat is that you can also mix it with your cat’s dry food. This is because it consists of ingredients that are easily digestible. It is normally recommended that you mix dry cat food with wet cat food so that you can help maintain the amount of calories that your cat consumes. This helps prevent your cat from being obese as he or she will be eating a less amount of food but still maintain their activity levels.

The Meow Mix Wet food is also very tasty and has been rated amongst the most preferred cat food in the market today. Most cats that have been fed this cat food have responded positively to it and they seem to love it. Therefore, you should consider buying this cat food for your cat especially if he or she has a very sensitive appetite. In addition to this, the Meow Mix cat food also doesn’t contain any filler ingredients which means that your cat will only be consuming a high percentage of essential nutrients.

It is also important to note that this cat food has not been recalled from the market which shows you that it is a high- quality product. Without doubt, Meow Mix is a pet food manufacturer that takes keen interest in the safety of the ingredients they use on their cat food formula.

Key features of the Meow Mix wet food

Has a variety of irresistible flavors

Meow Mix Wet food comes with three different flavors in just one pack which allows your cat to enjoy a variety of flavors. Without doubt, some cats usually have a very specific kind of appetite especially when it comes to manufactured cat food. However, Meow Mix Wet food comes with real tender chicken, liver, beef, turkey and giblets in gravy sauce which makes the meal delicious to all cats.

The ingredients in this cat food are not only delicious to cats but also very nutritious which enables your cat to live healthily throughout. This is because the Meow Mix Wet food flavors contain minerals and vitamins that are essential for your cat.

It comes with pour cups

Well, this is one of the most useful features of this Meow Mix Wet cat food as it comes with (24) 2.75 Oz. cups. These cups really come in handy as they enable you to always give your cat food in sufficient amounts. In addition to this, you can also wash these cups and re- use them which enables you to save on cost as you won’t have to keep on buying new feeding cups.

It is also important to note that the pour cups that come with this cat food are made of plastic that is 100% recyclable. However, you should contact your local recycler and ask them if they recycle this plastic as some states don’t allow recycling of such plastics.

High- protein content

The Meow Mix Wet cat food contains a high percentage of protein which is also very essential for your cat. The cat food consists of real chicken and real turkey in gravy sauce which are a great source of protein and very delicious. Without doubt, the high- protein content in this cat food is very beneficial to your cat as it restores your cat’s energy. In addition to this, it also helps to repair the skin and muscles of your cat in the event that he or she is hurt.

This cat food is also 100% balanced when being manufactured which makes it the ideal cat food even for kittens. This is because it allows your kitten to grow in a healthy manner as he or she will digest all the necessary nutrients from a very young age.


  • It contains a high percentage of moisture.
  • It helps to keep your cat hydrated throughout.
  • It contains all the essential nutrients.
  • It helps prevent urinary tract problems.


  • Some formulas come with added flavor and color.


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The Meow Mix Wet food is definitely one of the best cat foods to consider if your cat has a very sensitive appetite. This is because it comes in a variety of delicious flavors that will certainly satisfy the taste buds of your cat. In addition to this, it also comes with a high percentage of proteins and nutrients which are very essential in sustaining the health of your cat.

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