Instinct raw cat food review

For sure, dry cat food is normally preferred by various pet owners because of its convenience and affordability. The Instinct raw cat food is also a dry cat food that not only guarantees you great convenience, but also high- protein content which is essential for your cat.

The Instinct raw cat food is quite popular nowadays as it is a high- quality product that comes with just enough calories for your cat. Well, this makes it a perfect meal especially if your cat is thin and you’d like him or her to add some weight. However, you should also be careful and regulate the calorie intake of your cat otherwise he or she may become obese. In addition to this, the Instinct raw cat food is also made of natural and raw ingredients which enables your cat to enjoy natural flavors. For sure, cats find this cat food delicious which makes it an ideal meal for any cat regardless of their appetite.

What can you expect from the Instinct raw cat food?

This cat food is made of high- quality ingredients which include raw chicken, fruits and even vegetables. Well, at first this may sound like something that’s within the ordinary however, it plays a big role in the taste and nutritional value of this food. The Instinct company don’t add any artificial flavors, corn or wheat as such ingredients are known to irritate cats with a sensitive appetite. This enables the Instinct raw cat food to be a delicious meal that is enjoyed by all cats.

The Instinct raw cat food also consists of probiotics which makes this cat food stand out from most of its competitors. This is because probiotics enable your cat to have a digestive balance throughout and helps to maintain a healthy coat. Without doubt, this is an important and key ingredient to have in cat food. This is because your cat is likely to suffer from diarrhea if you constantly feed him or her with manufactured cat food that doesn’t contain probiotics. Therefore, you should always ensure that your cat consumes food with probiotics and even if it doesn’t have, you can add probiotic supplements to their food.

It is also important to note that the Instinct raw cat food is well- balanced with plenty of high nutrition ingredients. For sure, this makes this cat food a must have product as these ingredients help to boost the immune system of your cat. In addition to this, the high nutrition ingredients also help to prevent any arthritis issues that your cat may experience. This makes it an ideal meal even for your kitten as it enables him or her to grow healthily.

This cat food is also manufactured and served raw and uncooked which enables it to retain all its minerals and vitamins. These minerals are essential for your cat as they help prevent shedding of your cat’s coat. In addition to this, omega- 3 and 6 fatty acids also help your cat to maintain a shiny coat throughout. Therefore, you should definitely consider getting this cat food if you’d love your cat to look healthy and good- looking throughout.

Key features of the Instinct raw cat food

High Protein percentage

The Instinct raw cat food is made of frozen dried chicken and grain- free kibbles. Without doubt, the frozen dried chicken is a good source of protein which is essential for your cat. This is because the high- protein content in this cat food not only restores the energy of your cat, but also helps to repair his or her skin. The Instinct raw cat food actually contains up to 57% of protein which is a clear indication that it’s a meal with a high protein percentage.

In addition to this, the Instinct raw cat food still maintains its natural flavor of real chicken which enables the cat to love this cat food.

It is Grain- free

The Instinct raw cat food consists of peas which serves as a good grainless solution to the bound kibble. For sure, this helps to maintain a low carbohydrate content in this cat food which is also very beneficial to your cat. This is because feeding your cat with low- carb cat food will prevent him or her from suffering from diabetes. Yes, that’s right! Unfortunately, cat foods that come with high carbohydrate content put your cat at risk of suffering from diabetes. However, this is not something to worry about if you constantly feed your cat with the Instinct raw cat food.

It contains frozen- dried chicken

Well, Instinct company basically take their raw chicken and freeze- dry it by removing all the moisture from it. At first, there were major concerns that were raised based on the taste of this frozen dried chicken. However, this is no longer a concern as there are various positive feedbacks by pet owners who have been feeding their cats with this food. Cats still love the taste of the Instinct raw cat food as it is made of raw ingredients which maintain their natural flavor even after being frozen- dried.

In addition to this, freeze- drying the ingredients of this cat food also enable this cat food to have a longer shelf- life. All you have to do is close the package after every serving and store it in a cool dry place until the next serving.


  • It consists of very minimal carbohydrates.
  • It has a high protein percentage.
  • It has a natural flavor which is delicious to cats.
  • It comes with high nutrition ingredients.


  • Some cats may be irritated by the formula used in this cat food.


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The Instinct raw cat food is a high nutrition cat food that enables your cat to maintain good health throughout. In addition to this, it comes with high- protein content which helps to restore all the energy that your cat uses during his or her daily activities. Without doubt, this cat food is a high- quality product that is good value for your money.

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