How to stop cat from scratching door

Do you love your cat but detest how it sometimes scratches doors? This is a common habit with most cats. When a cat starts scratching a door, it produces an unwanted sound.

Though most cats love scratching doors, furniture, and even door frames, you can stop this habit using different techniques. For instance, you can play with your cat or feed her before closing the door, ignore them, use scented repellant on the door, or trim their nails. Read on!

Why do cats love scratching doors?

Before you try to implement any techniques, you should find out why your cat is always scratching the door. Though most cats have made this a habit, they do it for various reasons. For instance, the cat may be looking for your attention, or they may be bored.

Sometimes, a cat can start scratching the door when it is hungry or when it wants to utilize the litter box. Other cats are used to scratching doors as a way of sharpening their claws. Understanding the cause of this behavior can help you find the most appropriate solution to stop this. Try to observe your cat more keenly and find out when she mostly scratches.

Try out the following techniques

Ignore the cat

Most cats scratch the door when seeking your attention. Most pet owners open the door for their cats whenever they begin scratching the door. Doing this can encourage the cat to continue with the habit. Instead of opening the door and giving the cat the attention she is asking for; you should ignore her. Doing this for a couple of days can make her stop scratching the door.

You should also avoid telling the cat to stop every time they start scratching the door since this can quickly reinforce the behavior. If you ignore the cat for a few days but are worried about the pet damaging the door, you can buy a protective cover for the specific door they tend to scratch.

Feed or play with the cat

Does your cat always start scratching the door every time they are hungry? Try feeding her before you close the door. Once the cat is full, it is likely to go to sleep. If your cat always starts scratching the bedroom door when you go to sleep, you should consider playing with them before bedtime. The aim is to wear the cat out so that they are either too tired or too sleepy to start scratching your door by the time you close it.

Get a scented repellent for your door

Apart from a protective cover, you can also look for a scented repellent that you can spray on the door. Look for one that has essentials oils that most cats dislike. For instance, scented repellants that consist of rosemary, cinnamon, or citrus essential oils do not appeal to cats. Ensure you spray such a repellant on your door before you go to sleep. This can discourage the cat from scratching the door since it does not like the smell.

Take your time to find the right repellant and beware of the toxic ones. Alternatively, you can make a repellant that can prevent the cat from scratching your door. You only need to mix essential oils with water in the right proportions and look for a good spray bottle for the repellant.

Use tape on the door

If you don’t like the smell of repellants, you can still prevent the cat from scratching the door by using double-sided tape on your door. This makes scratching less comfortable for the pet. Since cats dislike the tape’s sticky sensation, it can prevent your pet from damaging the door and discourage them from scratching. Apart from using a double-sided tape, a product such as sticky paws can also give you a similar effect.

Cut off the pet’s nails

While some cats start scratching the door to sharpen their claws, others do this to try and wear down long nails. Trimming the cat’s nails can prevent them from scratching the door. Ensure you check your pet’s nails at least once a week and get nail clippers that can help you trim its nails. Alternatively, you can place caps on your pet’s claws to minimize the scratching. The caps can easily cover the claws so that they don’t scratch too much. You can also take the pet to a vet for regular trimming.

Buy your cat some toys

If your cat starts scratching the door every time she is bored, you can get a few toys that she can play with. Scatter a few cat toys in the pet’s room so that she can entertain herself when bored. Some of the toys that you can purchase for the cat include balls and features. You can even get a scratch post that the cat can use instead of scratching your door. Place such a post near the specific door that she likes scratching. You should also create a comfortable room for the cat to sleep in to prevent them from scratching your bedroom door at night.

Why do cats scratch doors?
How can you stop this habit?
To seek attention
Ignore the cat
Buy the cat some toys and play with her.
They do this when hungry.
Feed the cat before closing the door
To sharpen their claws.
Trim the nails


Most cats like scratching doors, but this is not a good habit. It can be disrupting, especially if they do it on your bedroom door when you are trying to rest. You should find out why the cat is doing it and discourage this habit through the tips we have highlighted above. With time the scratching should stop.


Should I sleep next to my cat or get it a separate sleeping area?

Experts recommend getting a separate sleeping area for cats since sleeping next to the pet can affect your sleeping pattern.

What do I do if my cat starts scratching me?

Ensure that it does not have long nails and try redirecting its attention.


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