How much to feed a 6-week old kitten

Before you bring a kitten to your home, you should ensure that you can provide them with the care they need to grow. Feeding a kitten requires a lot of dedication and time.

If you have a 6-week old kitten, you should consider giving them dry or canned food at least three to four times. Since such kittens weigh around 1lb by the time they are six weeks old, you should feed them about 104k/cal per day. Here is more!

How to feed a 6-week old kitten

A 6-week old kitten needs all the love they can get. You also have to feed them properly since they are making a transition in their diet. When a kitten is six weeks old, they should be able to eat some solid foods and nursing less. This is because the baby teeth are slowly coming out at this stage, and they can chew solid food with ease.

Weaning the kitten is important to help them adjust from liquids to solid foods. This happens when a kitten is between 4 and 5 weeks old. When they get to the sixth week, you should adjust their diet gradually. Doing this so fast is not advisable since it can upset the stomach. You can introduce the kitten to a mixture of kitten milk replacer and dry kitten food during this stage.

Feeding a kitten wet food can help them stay hydrated more since most cats don’t like drinking water. Most pet owners who choose dry food like the fact that they can go for a long time without spoiling and come at a cheaper cost. Since the stomach of a 6-week old kitten is still small, you should only feed them four times every day. The kitten cannot take in so much food at this age. If you notice that the kitten is struggling to eat a lot of food in one sitting, you can let them feed at regular intervals all through the day.

Take your time to find the right food for your 6-week old kitten. Stick to kitten specific food since this can help the kitten grow well. Such foods are rich in nutrients such as minerals, fats, vitamins, and fats that are crucial for the young kitten to develop well. Once you start giving the kitten water, put in a shallow dish to prevent the kitten from drowning.

You should always be present when the kitten is taking a mixture of solid food and kitten milk replacer and have a damp towel close so that you can wipe the kitten after feeding. It can get messy since sometimes the kitten may step on the food and transfer the footprints to the house. Close monitoring can prevent such occurrences. You can also reintroduce the kitten to a litter box after taking meals. By the time six weeks are over, you should reduce the meal frequency to three times every day.

How much food should you feed the kitten at this stage?

Determining the amount of food to give the kitten at different stages is not always easy for most pet owners. You need to give them the right amount of food so that they can grow well. The amount of food that your kitten needs at different stages is not the same.

You need to check the weight of your kitten almost every week so that you can determine how much food to give them. Kittens should gain about 20 grams every day. If a kitten is not getting adequate nutrition from the mother, you should look for a way to supplement this. For instance, consider getting a kitten milk replacer for such a kitten.

A well-nourished kitten should be around 1lb by the time they are six weeks old. You should ensure that your kitten is receiving at least 104 k/cal each day. As they continue developing, you can increase the number of calories.

Apart from measuring your kitten’s weight to find out how much calories they need, you should also pay attention to the label on the kitten food. This can help you assess how many kcal/cup or kcal/can it has. Once you do this, you should divide your kitten’s caloric needs with the caloric content in the kitten food so that you can know how much of the food you should feed your kitten every day. You can also figure out the serving size by dividing the amount you get by the precise number of meals you intend to give your kitten every day.

Let the following chart guide you know how much your kitten needs at different stages

Kitten’s weight
Calorie intake
4 oz
31 kcal/day
12 oz
88 kcal/day
104 kcal/day
2 lbs
162 kcal/day
4 lbs
272 kcal/day
6 lbs
369 kcal/day


The first few years of a kitten’s life is when they grow the most. What you feed your kitten at different stages can directly impact how they grow and develop. You should ensure that you have a good feeding schedule for your kitten. At week 6, you can introduce solid food to the kitten. Try giving them canned or dry food. At this stage, they can take up to 104 k/cal every day. You should weigh the kitten and evaluate this against the number of calories present in kitten food. Since a kitten’s needs keep on varying, feeding them the right portion sizes from a young age can ensure that they maintain healthy body weight.


When should I start weaning a kitten?

You should do this as soon as they are four weeks old. During this stage, introduce them to gruel. This is a mixture of canned food with warm water. Feed them gruel for two weeks until they are ready to chew.

How can I help a kitten transition to solid foods?

The 6th week marks the transition period. Mix what the kitten has been eating with what they will be feeding on. Do this gradually to prevent them from a stomach upset.


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