How much Benadryl to give my cat

If your pet has an allergy, one of the drugs that you should consider using on them is Benadryl. This is an antihistamine that can treat different allergy symptoms in cats, such as swelling, hives, sneezing, and itching.

You can either buy Benadryl in its tablet or liquid form. For Benadryl to work as expected, you have to give it in the right dosage. The right dosage for this drug depends on the cat’s body weight. If, for instance, you have a 12. 5 pounds cat, you should cut a Benadryl tablet that comes in 25 mg into half and give the cat. A 10-pound cat, on the other hand, can take 4 ml of Benadryl in its liquid form.

Introduction to Benadryl and its side effects

Sometimes, environmental allergens such as pollen and grass can make a cat start sneezing frequently. A cat can also react to a vaccine or a flea bite. This can make them uncomfortable and slow them down. You can treat such conditions by giving a cat Benadryl. The antihistamine can block the histamine receptors in the body of a cat that initiates such allergic reactions.

This drug is considered safe for such animals. You, however, have to administer it properly on your cat to avoid any adverse reactions. Before giving a cat Benadryl, you can consult with a vet since not every cat reacts positively to this drug. A cat that has a medical condition such as glaucoma should not take Benadryl. Also, ensure that the cat is not nursing or pregnant before giving it this drug.

Though Benadryl can relieve an allergic reaction on a cat, it cannot cure an underlying condition. Therefore, it is important to take the cat to the vet after some time in case it does not get better. Though Benadryl is safe, it causes some minor side effects in some cats. For instance, you may notice the cat getting agitated, drowsy, or struggling to urinate. Some cats even vomit or start drooling after an hour of taking Benadryl.

Finding the proper dosage

For you to administer the right dose of Benadryl to a cat, you should first learn its weight. Weighing the cat can prevent you from administering a lethal dose on them. You can easily find Benadryl tablets or liquid from the pharmacy. The right dosage of this drug for such a pet is 1 ml per pound of body weight.

Each Benadryl tablet comes in 25mg. If your cat weighs 12.5 pounds, you should only give it half of the tablet. Though rare, a 25-pound cat can consume the whole 25 mg Benadryl tablet. The problem with buying Benadryl tablets is that many cats dislike swallowing pills. If you want an easier way to administer the drug to your cat, choose the liquid form.

This is also simpler to measure than the tablet form since you can always use the measuring syringe that comes with the package. You can easily get Benadryl’s correct dose to give a cat when the drug is in liquid form. If you choose Benadryl liquid over the counter, you should confirm with your vet that all the ingredients included in it are safe for your pet.

You should also assess what you are trying to treat using the drug to determine the right frequency to administer it. Vets recommend giving a cat Benadryl at least three times every day. Do not give the cat so many doses of Benadryl since this can lead to an adverse reaction.

This table can help you figure out the proper Benadryl dosage for a cat

Cat’s weight
Tablet (25 mg)
Liquid (12.5 mg per 5 mL)
6 pounds
1/4 tablet
2.5 mL
8 pounds
1/4 tablet
3 mL
10 pounds
1/4 tablet
4 mL
15 pounds
1/2 tablet
6 mL
20 pounds
1/2 tablet
8 mL
25 pounds
One tablet
10 mL

How can I give Benadryl to a cat?

If you buy Benadryl tablets, you can place the cat on a table or hold them on your lap. Ensure that the head of the cat looks up to the ceiling and open its mouth. Place your finger on the cat’s teeth, then place the Benadryl tablet as far as you can into its throat. Let the cat close the mouth and stroke it under the chin so that it can swallow the tablet. Do not let the cat open the mouth until you are sure the pill is swallowed. If the cat refuses to swallow the Benadryl tablet, you can try mixing it with its food.

For Benadryl liquid, you only need to position the syringe properly inside the mouth of your cat. Let the syringe sit behind canine teeth. When the syringe is at the furthest point into the cat’s mouth, you should squirt the drug into the mouth. Give the pet enough time to swallow Benadryl and ensure that it continues breathing correctly. You can then blow the cat’s face to encourage it to swallow the drug. Since not every cat likes the taste of Benadryl, you can request a compounding pharmacy to make the drug in a milder flavor.


Benadryl is a safe drug that you can use on a cat to help manage allergic reactions. If, for instance, the cat is swelling, experiencing itchiness, or sneezing, you can treat this by giving them Benadryl. This drug comes in a tablet or liquid form. To find out how much Benadryl the cat needs, you should first measure its weight. Use the table above to find the right dosage. Do not forget to work with a vet before administering such drugs to a pet.


Which is the easiest way to make my cat take Benadryl?

Consider using a syringe liquid. If the cat hates the taste of such drugs, a compounding pharmacy can help you flavor the liquid with cat-approved taste.

Can Benadryl make my cat hyper?

Yes. This is a possible side effect that occurs in some cats. Proper dosage of the drug can prevent such effects from occurring.

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