How long does a calico cat live

Have you had a calico cat since she was a kitten and are wondering how long she will be with you? This is a common concern among many cat owners.

Most calico cats have an average lifespan of 12-15 years. A few calico cats make it to their twenties. How you take care of your calico cat can affect how long she can live. Though you cannot control their lifespan, you can do a few things to boost their health and keep them safe and happy as long as possible. Here is everything you should know regarding a calico cat.

Introduction to calico cats

Since calico cats are quite unique and different from other cats, they are popular in most households. These cats are not only mysterious but also have some interesting characteristics. Unlike some cats, calico cats are not a breed. Their name comes from the unique color pattern of their fur.

When it comes to how long they can live, sometimes gender plays a part in this. Most calico cats are female, and they tend to live longer than male calico cats. The gender of a calico cat affects not only their life span but also their color.

For a calico cat to get brilliant fur patches, it must have XX chromosomes. These are common in females. Male calico cats have XXY chromosomes. This gender is a bit disadvantaged since male calicos tend to inherit poor health. Their lifespan is shorter compared to female calico cats. This is because male calicos are more prone to a condition referred to as Klinefelter’s syndrome.

This can affect a calico cat in different ways. For instance, it increases the risk of a calico cat getting a fracture, diabetes, or having too much body fat mass. Since the condition mostly affects male calico cats, you should consider getting a female as they can live a longer and healthier life.

What you can do to boost the health of your calico cat

If you want your calico cat to live up to 20 years, you can do different things to boost its health. Get such a cat when it is still a kitten and spay her. This is a surgical procedure that involves the removal of a cat’s uterus and ovaries. Spaying a calico cat can prevent it from health problems such as ovarian, uterus, or mammary cancer. It also can prevent the uterus from getting infected and leading to the death of your pet.

Apart from spaying a calico cat, you can also prolong its lifespan by vaccinating it. Doing this can prevent the calico cat from contracting some nasty diseases. Every calico cat should receive vaccines for FIP, FELV, and Rabies. Get a veterinarian that can check on the pet from time to time and vaccinate it accordingly. This not only prevents it from common diseases but can also protect your entire family, including kids.

Taking care of the calico cat’s health is not the only way to help it live longer. You should also be keen on proper nutrition. What a calico cat eats can affect how healthy it will grow. Such domestic cats are carnivores. You should therefore feed it meat instead of vegetables. You should be keen on the pet food you buy such a cat and always check the ingredients.

Ensure that the pet food contains things such as seafood and meat since these are great for the cat’s health. Limit carbohydrates such as potatoes in the cat’s diet since these are not the best nutrients for the cat’s body. Do not give a calico cat a lot of dry food since it probably contains a lot of carbs. You should also choose food that contains water since a calico cat needs to stay hydrated. Instead of feeding the cat dry food, opt for can food since it is low in carbs and has high meat content and water. Such can promote the health of a calico cat.

Besides proper nutrition, a calico cat also needs exercise to live a long healthy life. This can prevent the cat from experiencing health problems from time to time. Unlike outdoor cats, most calico cats spend most of their time indoors sleeping and don’t receive enough exercise. If you want the calico cat to be with you for long, you should involve it in different exercises. For instance, once in a while, play a ball game with the calico cat and ensure that it moves more than it remains in one position. You can even look for some toys to encourage the calico cat to maintain an active lifestyle.

A summary of how to prolong the life of a calico cat

Take a calico cat for surgery to have their uterus and ovaries removed
Get a vet to vaccinate the cat against common conditions such as rabies and FIP
Choose pet food that includes meat or seafood. Do not give the cat too much carbs. Keep them hydrated.
Provide proper shelter for a calico cat
Get toys to play with the cat.


Every pet owner wants to enjoy their pet for as long as possible. If you own a calico cat, you should expect it to live up to 15 or 20 years. Female calico cats have a longer lifespan than male ones since they are not prone to Klinefelter’s syndrome. You can also boost a calico cat’s health by spaying, vaccinating, and feeding them a proper diet. Do not forget to help them move since they need a lot of exercises to avoid health complications. Doing all this can help you enjoy the company of your cat for many years.


Are calico cats male or female?

Most calico cats are female. Though male calico cats exist, these are quite rare. According to a study, in every 3000 calico cats, only one is probably male.

What is the personality of a calico cat?

Since calico cats are not a breed, they don’t have a particular personality trait. While some calico cats are friendly, others have an attitude. The name calico comes from the unique color pattern of their fur.


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