How long do calicos live

One of the unique cats that are rare to find is calicos. These are known for their good looks. If you already own one, you have probably heard people say that these pets have nine lives.

Though calicos can live for a long time, factors such as healthcare, environment, and diet impact how long you can enjoy having the pet around. The lifespan of calicos can vary. While some of the calicos can live as long as 20 years, others have a short lifespan of between 12 and 15 years.

Here are some facts regarding calicos that you should know about

Most people find calicos to be fascinating creatures due to their tri-colored fur. These cats stand out from the rest since they have different color patterns on their fur. It makes them undeniably cute and highly valued in particular parts. Some people believe that calicos have supernatural powers, while others associate them with wealth.

The distinct patterns of a calico occur incidentally. Unlike regular cat breeds, calicos cannot be developed or bred. Since such cats don’t belong to one particular breed, they have different personalities. While some calico cats have sweet personalities, others are aggressive. Their lifespan also varies. Calicos belong to different cat breeds such as American shorthair, Turkish Angora, Manx and Norwegian Forest.

It is easy to confuse a calico cat with a tortoiseshell, but these two are not the same. The tri-color pattern on calicos includes some white patches. Most calico cats have colors such as black, white, and ginger or ginger and brown. Most pet owners who own calicos are also fascinated by their incredible eyes. Since these cats come from various breeds, their eye color is also not the same. Some calicos have hazel eyes, while others have blue, almond, or green eyes.

The factors that affect the lifespan of calicos

One of the factors that play a role in how long a calico can live is its gender. Most of the calico cats that exist are female. Female calico cats have a longer lifespan compared to male calicos. This is because they are not prone to some of the health conditions that male calicos experience. Finding a male calico cat is rare since they have genetic abnormalities.

According to a study, most of the calico kittens are often born female. This occurs due to sex chromosomes in such calicos. Though a few male calicos still exist, they are sterile. This makes it hard to reproduce a male calico cat.

If you have just adopted a calico cat, you should find out its breed. This can help you assess its lifespan. Suppose you have a calico cat whose breed is American shorthair, you should expect it to live for up to 20 years. Some calicos from this breed also stay up to 18 years. Calico cats from the Persian breed, on the other hand, have a lifespan of between 12 and 15 years.

Finding out the breed of your calico cat can also help you find the most appropriate cat food. This is because every breed has precise dietary requirements that you should fulfill. Take care of the nutritional needs of a calico can help you promote healthy living. Calicos need all the right nutrients in their meals, which can promote proper growth and development. Get foods that are rich in fatty acids, antioxidants, and vitamins for the calico.

Apart from feeding a calico the right diet, you should also work closely with a vet. Take the calico to a vet for regular checkups to ensure that it is healthy. Proper healthcare also affects how long a calico cat can live. While some of the calico cats are healthy, others are quite prone to diseases. You should pay attention to any health concerns so that you can help a calico live for long.

You can ask the seller crucial details such as its parents’ health history and its genetic heritage as you buy such a pet. If you notice any warning signs on the calico cat, address them with the help of a vet immediately. Catching a developing condition at its early stages can help you save the life of a calico cat. Paying attention to a calico can also help you identify changes in behavior and even weight.

Besides healthcare, the environment can also affect the lifespan of a calico cat. Indoor calicos have a longer lifespan compared to outdoor calicos. This is because they are less prone to outdoor hazards that can put their safety at risk. You should provide a good indoor environment for the calico cat to enjoy. When the cat is fulfilled, they will not feel the need to escape from time to time.

You can make changes at home to make the calico cat as comfortable as possible. This does not mean that you confine the calico completely since elevating stress levels in such pets is not healthy. Engaging ta calico in exercises can also prolong its lifespan. Here is a summary.

Female calicos live longer than male calicos since they are less prone to health conditions.
Making a calico live in a safe environment can help them live longer.
Addressing any health concerns of a calico can extend their lifespan.
Understand the specific dietary requirements of your calico based on the breed and try to fulfill them.


Some people believe that calicos have magic power, while others admire their cute patterns. If you own one, you have to take care of it properly so that it can live for years. The average lifespan of calicos ranges between 15- 20 years. This can, however, vary depending on the specific breed you have.


What is neutering a calico?

This is the process of getting rid of testes in a male calico to prevent it from diseases and unplanned pregnancies. It is done to extend its lifespan.

Can calicos be bred?

No. These cats have distinct genetic makeup. They cannot be bred. Nature produces such cats randomly.


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