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Veterinary Technician, Veterinary Nurse

Household Pets among other animals in general have a special place in my heart, not meaning to get sentimental, but as I grew up I developed an immense attachment to pets and there was no doubt the path with which my career would propel to. In a bid to stay close to animals, i undertook the veterinary science degree, where I got to learn about animal health, nutrition, animal behavior and animal disease among other relevant modules.

Hi there, my name is Katerina Garcia, I am an animal lover and passionate about making pets and the pet owners happy; my job revolves around pet care and therefore, work as a veterinary Nurse in San Fransisco. Providing food and shelter to the household pets and animals is a single aspect from which other care processes revolve.

So, without the relevant knowledge, I was limited in the amount of help that I could offer the animals. But now that the care processes I accord to the animals is backed by the relevant knowledge and certification, am better placed to provided full time care ranging from the right food and nutrition, i can study animal behavior, diagnose and treat animal diseases.

The comprehensive information compiled in this blog is to help empower other animal and pet owners, to afford their animals the necessary care; remember however, that while the information compiled might be of help, it is not an excuse to abscond the vet visits. Pet and animal care is a complex affair thus requires the input of the owner and the vet to ensure that they achieve their full shelf life.

Basic animal care procedures that the custodians should practice involve ensuring that the animal quarters are kept clean, providing the animals with the appropriate feed, watching their behavior to pick up any changes, in their feeding habits or interaction. The above could be a red flag, indicating that the animal is sick or stressed.

There are other grooming processes that help ensure the animals and pets stay alive and healthy, and which must be enforced as recommended such as nail cutting, teeth brushing and bathing. Different domesticated animals and pets have unique dietary needs, and which must be strictly adhered to, to keep the animal alive. Health checkups are mandatory lest the animals transmit some of the deadly diseases to the household members.

As you can see rearing pets and animals is one thing but providing for their basic needs is another and which calls for time and financial input.

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